Five Trends for Weddings 2021

Getting married!

What excitement!

What could make your wedding trendy and special?

The excitement threshold for guests is particularly high and you’re looking for the gimmick and experience that will make your wedding the most exciting of all. With small things you can easily upgrade your event, providing an updated and special experience.

We’ve rounded up the hottest trends in the wedding world for your most special day:

  Flower Wedging Stand

A colorful and fragrant reception stand to gives your guests a fun and light atmosphere. At the stand, your guests can decorate with fresh and beautiful flowers, neck flower necklaces, bouquets of flowers for the head, hairpins, small bouquets of flowers, flower pins for the garment’s tear. All of which will give a very pleasant and happy feeling.

 Photo stand for Instagram

Beyond the professional photographers of the event, guests also become photographers themselves and upload videos and photos to Instagram. We suggest you set up ornate and well-equipped positions for self-photography. The experience can be upgraded by a professional company specializing in the field of personally branded photo stations.

 Pampering stand for guests 

Pamper, pamper, pamper! At the welcome post guests will be thrilled to learn that you have thought about them in the little things as well. You can set up a jewelry position to choose from: necklaces, pendants, bracelets. Freshening up kit: air perfume, wipes, hair bands, hair clips, lip gloss, heel caps. At the end of the evening, small gifts can be waited for a souvenir from the crazy event.

 Burn pictures to a wooden board

Instead of giving guests a magnet-like souvenir, you can use a professional photographer to burn the image on a wooden board that has been preserved for many years.

 Refreshing Stand

If the event lasts until the wee hours, you can set up a refresher stand. The stand includes flip-flops, branded water bottles and fan hoses.

Our professional team is on hand to fulfill all of your special dreams you wish to accomplish at your especial wedding. 

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