Photography Exhibition

“Summer Seeds”

Efrat Stratiner presents local summer nature photographs

The exhibition is on display from May 20 to July 10, 2024

*All displayed photographs are available for purchase

Free admission Monday-Friday 09:00-14:00

“Summer seeds, carried by the wind – awaken memories, stir longings. Summer seeds enter the nostrils and hint at what kind of summer it will be…”

Meir Ariel

When it comes to the nature around us, summer is perceived by most of us as the dry season. The withering plants, the dryness that conquers the green hills, the yellowing that drives away and replaces the fresh, vibrant, and wet.

It seems that the world slows down in summer, and everything around moves sluggishly – the scorching heat and fatigue overwhelm us all, and some of us are washed with nostalgia for the summers of the past, like Meir Ariel – for the bearable heat, for the summer of memories, for being outside without feeling the need to escape.

Efrat Stratiner, through her nature photography, skillfully deceives us and makes us see summer nature with different eyes and hearts – through her camera lens, we experience dry plants coming to life, banal thorns turning into jewels, summer brightness painting the fields in precious light. Summer seeds scatter, carried by the wind, and awaken hope for renewed growth and healing of nature, of our souls and hearts.

Through Efrat’s photographs, we manage to see the beauty and light in the imperfect and incomplete, and fall in love with summer anew.

Marcel Proust said: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Efrat embarks on an adventurous journey in the most familiar places to us, where she finds the most exciting magic. She invites us all to simply stop, observe, discover the special and exciting within the landscapes of routine, within the sights of everyday life, even within the simple and dry, the familiar and ordinary. To pay attention to the small details, to see what is hidden from the eye and revealed only when listening to the heart.

Efrat Stratiner, a resident of Givat Ada, is a photographer, social worker, phototherapist, and workshop facilitator.

Since November, in response to the need that arose from the Black Sabbath on October 7, Efrat has also been serving as the clinical coordinator of the treatment system at the Hof Ashkelon Resilience Center.

Curator: Nili Sesler

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