Summer Gathering

Thursday // 25.7.24 // 17:00 // Burge Binyamina 

Summer has arrived!

After an amazing and unforgettable spring gathering during Passover, Gatherings and Nataraj Spirit invite you to a summer friends’ gathering, celebrating the arrival of summer, starting in the afternoon and continuing into the night.

We are in a challenging time, and the fighting continues. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, we want to gather, be together, meet, chat, catch up, hug, dance a lot, and strengthen ourselves through each other in the face of everything happening. This is a time when we especially need it.

We know everyone has been through a lot. During this time, we learned how powerful togetherness is, how meaningful music is, and how much the body wants and needs to move, release, dance, and fly.

This is the second joint event between Nataraj Spirit and Gatherings at Burge Binyamina, following a series that began last year.

We are very happy to collaborate together and excited about everything it will bring.

About the Artists

We have gathered DJs and artists for our gathering that we love and are perfect for the event. We have connected everything to create an enchanting sequence that will make us dance and move.

17:00 We start with Osho’s Kundalini Meditation for early arrivals, which is a half-active, half-passive meditation to tune into the right frequency, and then we start dancing until at least midnight.

18:00 Yonder will open the event with a sunset set as only she knows how, with organic music that will create just the right vibe for everything to start moving. Come early so you don’t miss her.

20:00 We are excited to host for the first time the Camels of Atitlan, a new ensemble bringing a collaboration between musicians Dr. Sarnov (USA – Guatemala), Ariel Bar-Lee, Dvir Cohen-Iraqi, and Amir Bar-David, who bring with them a mind-blowing and heart-capturing fusion that moves between Middle Eastern rhythms, devout prayers from ancient traditions, and electronic beats. It’s intriguing and exciting. We are looking forward to it.

After them, Petra will come up for a live trance set. Petra is known as one of the leading and most captivating trance artists. Nathan Shreiber is the brain and spirit behind the magical project. He started playing guitar and piano at the age of 10, then learned to play percussion, bouzouki, and didgeridoo. Petra is known for his unique style and musical mind that combines live instruments with uncompromising beats.

22:45 ĐÅR will come up for the closing set. Beyond being a man of vision and heart, he plays at ecstatic dance floors all over America and the world, and we have the privilege of hosting him here with us to end the whole celebration.

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